TECC Guidelines for Fist Responders with a Duty to Act

Started on September 22, 2021

This certificate program builds on The Fundamentals of TECC for the LE First Responder program and includes
all above objectives. Additional concepts include: Victim Airway Management, open chest wounds and tension
Pneumothoracies, shock management and resuscitation, hypothermia prevention and treatment of burns. This
program will review Casualty Collection Point (CCP) establishment, Unified Command Communication
expectations and an introduction to the Rescue Task Force concept. TECC for the FR is primarily practical
exercises with a hands on approach for better reinforcement and skills retention. Micro-lectures will allow for
initial delivery new information followed by skills sessions and scenarios integrating high fidelity simulation. This
course can be broken into Part1 and Part 2, each a 4 hour block.