Wilderness Medicine for the Urban Provider

Started on July 23, 2024
  • Wilderness Medicine for the Urban Provider is a 5-6 day, scenario-based certification advancement course designed to apply and leverage prior clinical knowledge and skill of the urban medical provider into a wilderness or austere environment. Didactic sessions, case-review, and high-fidelity simulation provide the knowledge and skill necessary to operate effectively in a wilderness or an austere medical emergency. Topics of the Wilderness First Responder curriculum are thoroughly explored. Graduates supplement their pre-existing certification with a wilderness endorsement. (48 hours)
  • This course is restricted to providers certified at the EMT level or higher.


  • Optionally, graduates may certify in National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians’ Advanced Medical Life Support (NAEMT AMLS®) at the conclusion of the course. AMLS® compliments the course curriculum by further advancing assessment skills, diagnosis, and treatment plans for a wide range of medical conditions.