Wilderness First Aid

The 2-day Wilderness First Aid course, built for those recreating where a traditional medical response remains relatively accessible, teaches a basic framework for the identification and initial stabilization of illnesses and injury commonly encountered by the wilderness recreator.

To reinforce proficiency and real-life application of skills, the course features numerous high-fidelity scenarios for topics including systematic patient assessment, first-aid protocols and procedures, evacuation considerations and techniques, and emergency survival skills. Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment/gear to learn and practice techniques specifically relevant to their own respective wilderness routine.

Graduates receive Wilderness First Aid certification and American Heart Association First Aid, both valid for 2 years. Providers may be eligible for continuing education credit depending certification. Graduates are encouraged to continue their education with a 25% discount on any certification course. Wilderness First Aid is approved to recertify The 9 Line Wilderness First Responder.