Wilderness First Responder

The 8-day Wilderness First Responder course was built for wilderness recreators and backcountry professionals practicing in environments with an extended or non-traditional medical response. Students receive training in prevention and risk-management, the MARCH patient assessment system, treatment and extended management protocols for illness and injury, evacuation considerations and techniques, SAR fundamentals, and other skills and considerations for incidents in an austere or resource-limited environment.

To reinforce proficiency and real-life application of skills, the course features didactic instruction, ongoing high-fidelity simulation, scenarios of varied length, structured debriefs, two trail days, and an extended field training exercise to conclude the course. Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment/gear to learn and practice techniques specifically relevant to their own wilderness routine.

Graduates receive Wilderness First Responder certification and AHA Basic Life Support (BLS), both valid for 2 years. Providers may be eligible for continuing education credit depending on certification. Graduates are encouraged to continue their education with a 35% discount on the AHA Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS) certification course, or a 25% discount on any other certification course.